Sara is a world cup mountain biker.
Sara decided to focus her passion for training in her own personal fitness studio,
Ellis Fitness Studio

The vision that drives her every day is to provide a bright and friendly fitness facility. A refreshing alternative to the “factory” and “chain-gyms” that don’t meet the unique and individual fitness needs of her customers and community.

At Ellis Fitness Studio, Sara delivers hands-on personal training for people of all ages and physical conditions. Safe, one on one outdoor and indoor training available (Sara has been vaccinated).

No Crowds
Your Trainer * Your Workout * Your Room
By Appointment

New Fairfax studio:
#6 School Street Plaza Suite 250
Fairfax, CA 94930

By appointment:
Mo-Fr 8:30 AM -2:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM -12:00 Noon

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Health care practitioner DT from Fairfax

I’ve been training with Sara fairly regularly for over a year now. After only a few months twice a week, I could see how helpful it was. I’m 65 now, have never been avid or disciplined about exercise, but had managed to stay functional until the last few years when I had slacked off quite a bit. It was getting difficult to get out of the car, walk briskly up a flight of stairs or squat down to pick something up. Now I can do all those things. I noticed the other day that I can grab my heavy cast iron pan that I love out of the lower shelf without that being a project in itself! Sara is a lovely, kind, and gentle person who provides sessions that are varied and personally tailored. Her approach is encouraging, positive, and patient. She’s a knowledgeable trainer and a great conversationalist! I look forward to continuing our sessions and wholeheartedly recommend Sara as a trainer, no matter what your goals.

Ellis Fitness Studio Services:

One-on-One and small group training available by appointment in Marin County only.

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