Sara Ellis is a well-known personal trainer and world class mountain biker. In 2002 Sara founded a fitness studio in Mill Valley which she ran from 2002 until 2016. Sara had a long and prosperous career as a “World-Cup” class, mountain-bike racer. Her dedication, passion and relentless training helped her land a sought after position on one of the most respected and well know teams at the time—the Volvo-Cannondale mountain bike racing team. While there, she was a top competitor in this award-winning group. She traveled to races and competitive events all over the world representing her sponsor and the US in countries that included Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Australia, and Turkey. She also had the privilege and opportunity to compete in the Olympic Trials in Atlanta in 1996. Sara was always conscious of “Plan B” and to what to do when her racing career ended. But as long as she retained her competitive spirit and delivered top placements for her team, she raced on.
With some prompting from fellow racers and friends, she started coaching people on physical conditioning, strength training and improving bike skills and techniques. She soon realized that this was her new found passion and a gift that she was uniquely qualified to share with others. Sara understands that strength training is “the key” to power, endurance and top performance whether someone is an athlete or just and individual trying to maintain their physical and mental health. Having a healthy, strong body is everyone’s vehicle’s for life. Sara has decided it is time for her to focus her passion for training in her own personal fitness studio, Ellis Fitness Studio. The vision that drives her everyday is to provide a bright and friendly fitness facility that is a refreshing alternative to the “factory” and “chain-gyms” that don’t meet the unique and individual fitness needs of her customers and community. At Ellis Fitness, Sara delivers hands-on personal training for people of all ages and physical conditions. One-on-One and small group training are available by appointment only in Marin County.