I’ve been training with Sara fairly regularly for over a year now. After only a few months twice a week, I could see how helpful it was. I’m 65 now, have never been avid or disciplined about exercise, but had managed to stay functional until the last few years when I had slacked off quite a bit. It was getting difficult to get out of the car, walk briskly up a flight of stairs or squat down to pick something up. Now I can do all those things. I noticed the other day that I can grab my heavy cast iron pan that I love out of the lower shelf without that being a project in itself! Sara is a lovely, kind, and gentle person who provides sessions that are varied and personally tailored. Her approach is encouraging, positive, and patient. She’s a knowledgeable trainer and a great conversationalist! I look forward to continuing our sessions and wholeheartedly recommend Sara as a trainer, no matter what your goals.