Here’s a fun update from our small boutique fitness studio in Fairfax. You may have heard that since August 10 Marin County gyms are allowed to operate again with outdoor classes. Our outdoor workouts include this view behind the parking lot at Ellis Fitness Studio. Ellis Fitness Studio - We Are Back and Bad This is fire safety in action! These goats are greener than lawnmowers and way more fun to watch. Some of our clients tell us they love doing outside workouts. Especially with these sweet animals around to tackle fire danger. How are you managing your workout to stay fit? Thankfully the air outside is better. Please everyone, do your best to keep up your exercises and keep your body healthy! One more observation. The days of going to big gyms are over. It’s time for safer personal lessons. Ellis Fitness Studio is a small safe place. Sara Ellis is a world-class athlete who knows how to help you achieve your goals. Her personalized classes are for men and women who want the best workout for health and fitness. No kidding! See our outdoor fitness class video
With fresh air, social distancing and masks they are best designed to limit exposure and give you the finest workout for your body. And I’ll leave you with these: Q: What do you call a goat that knows martial arts? A: The Karate kid! Q: What do you call a lazy goat? A: Billy Idle!